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How Are Brands Making Use of NFTs in Marketing?

Use of NFT’s in marketing is gaining fame in the digital age. To gratify the modern consumer, a lot is required. Additionally, the task becomes more difficult when it comes to promoting and selling intangible goods and services. However, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are already dominating the market. The industry has already been changed by… Continue reading How Are Brands Making Use of NFTs in Marketing?

The top Technology Trends in 2023

Technology Trends in 2023- We are living in the world of digitalization and technology space that is evolving every day. Modern technology is evolving fast with change and development. Every day comes with new trends and evolutions in technology. The approaching time will forecast some marvelous trends in technology that are slowly becoming essential for… Continue reading The top Technology Trends in 2023

Increase in TikTok Viewer, seems like its stealing Google’s viewer’s

Instagram viewer

Tiktok viewer are increasing, all thanks to user likes, comments, and shares. It is outdoing the tech giant in discovery search and video entertainment. TikTok downloader might be your ticket if you’re wanting to advertise goods or services. This is because, especially younger audiences are now turning to it instead of Google for information and… Continue reading Increase in TikTok Viewer, seems like its stealing Google’s viewer’s

Application Programming Interface For Web


What are API and web API? Application Programming Interface For Web, or API, is a shorthand for that. Basically, a software interface that let two apps communicate with one another without the need for a user to get involved. No need to understand how they are implemented. APIs allow a product or service to communicate… Continue reading Application Programming Interface For Web

Benefits of remote work

WFH remote work

Between the hustle for great job opportunities and the struggle to save and sustain lifestyles. And it is an ultimate dream to work from home. Even so, recruitments have had to be faced with coronavirus to finally give in to the trend. And now it is likely here to stay. The world is moving towards… Continue reading Benefits of remote work

Web Development

Web Development

Web Development. Our lives are governed by the technological changes happening around us. As well as The simplest of apps can make a huge difference. In how we lead our lives. And every day the world is completely changed by yet another technological invention. The most important role in this process is a web developer.… Continue reading Web Development