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React Native Development

React Native Developers 


are a crucial part of any mobile app development team. And Corporations are always on the lookout for experienced React Native Developers to join their team. Wondering how to pick a capable and skilled candidate for the mobile app developer position in your company? Here is a guide to help you determine if the candidate has what it takes to become a valuable member of your mobile app development team.


A JS Developer must be familiar with HTML/CSS as they are the must-haves of any front-end development project. HTML/CSS is a crucial skill for app development. Because it allows users to not only build a user interface but also craft it.

A JS developer must be familiar with the following:

1. Writing semantic HTML tags.
2. Writing CSS selectors.
3. Implement resetting in CSS.
4. Resetting border-box as well as an understanding of the box model.
5. Understanding the flexbox.
6. Implementing responsive web principles which include the right use of media queries.


JavaScript XML is another crucial skill that a JS developer must be equipped with. A developer must be familiar with the JSX, a syntax extension to the React Native ecosystem. A developer who is familiar with HTML must also possess knowledge of JSX as API. In the case of React Native Development is that they are too complicated to scale.

In using this API, a developer must be able to build an entire application using JSX and simultaneously using HTML to build the app.


A critical element of a developer is Git which is used to store projects on Github and similar platforms. As well as a developer must be able to use these platforms to keep track of changes with comments, add, push, and pull. A developer must be able to merge. As well as branch out strategies and manage the merge of conflicts.

Node + NPM

Client-side React Native Development needs to be familiar with Node as well as the npm registry. This allows developers to access software that helps build software.

Npm provides cloud storage where packages. Also known as dependencies, are stored. As well as Yarn is a package manager that can help access the npm registry and can optimize the npm workflows.

JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6

React Native requires a deep understanding of JavaScript and ES6 skills. As well as JS developer must know the importance of variables. And how they hold important data to be memorized and made accessible as well as ES6.  Which allows developers to store variables within applications.


As well as JS developers must also be familiar with Redux which is a state management library.That developers use to maintain states in React Native. As well as Redux’s qualifications make for an experienced JS developer. That can prove to be a valuable resource on the team.


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