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Google is rumored to be working on a New Augmented Reality Headset for 2024

Google’s top-secret Project Iris is the arena of Technological advancements. And worldwide technology that intends to develop an augmented reality headset using a custom Google chip. Google, like Apple and Meta, is developing an AR headset. That could include a custom Google processor as well as a new operating system.

More information on Project Iris, which was first hinted at earlier this month, has now been shared in a new report. By The Verge, which cites two people familiar with the development.

According to sources,

“Project Iris is a “closely guarded secret” at Google, and only authorized personnel are permitted to enter the building where it is being developed. Google employees working on the Technological advancements project are said to be subject to non-disclosure agreements.”

The project is currently underway at Google’s San Francisco headquarters.

According to sources, around 300 people are currently working on worldwide technology, including some from team Pixel. Google intends to hire more people for the job in the future.

Google is said to be working on early prototypes of the AR headset at the moment. According to what is known, the AR goggles will have an outward-facing camera that will project a video of the real world onto the wearer’s retina.

The glasses will augment this view with computer-generated graphics, creating a mixed reality experience for the wearer.

According to The Verge, Google’s headset provides a more immersive experience than Snap’s and Magic Leap’s existing AR glasses with the amazing technological advancements in the field of worldwide technology.

Google’s assaults into better reality and virtual reality have also been a mixed bag.

The company discontinued the Glass in 2015, after that within a year it went on sale for the general public. Pricing and limited functionality both were the major factors that contribute to the failures of a product. After that, the company has shifted towards a completely different model for the technology. They introduced Google Glass Enterprise Edition, closely aligned with Microsoft’s XR play, HoloLens.

While augmented reality hasn’t exactly gone mainstream, Microsoft has found some success in the worldwide technology category, thanks to large partnerships for Technological advancements, such as the $22 billion deal it signed with the United States Army for 120,000 headsets.

“This Augmented technology headset will bring the graphics with real-world feed.”

This headset will be the first major new category product as well as the push into the AR and VR of Apple.

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