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Top 5 Email Verification Services for Marketing Campaign

Email verification services are the best way for marketers. The term “email verification” is not entirely new. Instead, practically everyone does email verification as a necessary duty while executing email marketing. In certain cases, users who offer their email information do so inadvertently and with an invalid email address. Email verification procedure used to resolve this issue. Email marketing is creating hype for digital marketers these days.

To address the issue, number of email verification services have been developed. All of them are all effective. Their approaches to email verification, however, are one element that distinguishes companies from one another. We may say that if you’re looking for the best service, your search will never be complete.

1- ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce has risen to the top of the email validation field thanks to its 98% accuracy and cutting-edge data security. The service can identify and remove from your list any contacts with invalid email addresses, bad domains, role-based accounts, spam keywords, disposable email addresses (DEA), and regular complainers. User will get new email by authentication process. By doing so, user be able to raise ROI and increase your mailbox deliverability rate. In just a few minutes, the online validation tool from ZeroBounce can validate thousands of email addresses.

2- Snov.i:

Snov.io is a well-liked email marketing automation software utilized by both companies and private users. The solution allows you to develop and carry out drip email campaigns while discovering and validating emails to help minimize bounce rates naturally.

For lead tracking, you can automate funnels, and the service will notify you in real time of improvements to your campaign’s status so that you can plan more effectively and efficiently. Asana, Zapier, Slack, Trello, LinkedIn, Google Forms, Twilio, and Intercom are just a few of the more than 2,000 third-party applications and platforms that can be easily integrated with it. It is also very extendable. Campaigns would be run considerably more smoothly as a result of using email marketing.

3- Bouncer:

4.8 on Capterra and G2Crowd with over 250 reviews, Bouncer is a SaaS e-mail verification and deliverability tool used by over 5000 businesses across 6 continents. The platform was established in 2017 with the straightforward goal of enhancing Human 2 Human email communication and assisting people in establishing and maintaining connections through the email channel. One of the market leaders in e-mail validation technology is Bouncer. List and API verification are both excellent processes with a zero-downtime rule. The item offers the best coverage and is highly effective.

The software contains features like email Toxicity Check and Deliverability Kit to be a more comprehensive solution for both Enterprise and SMB segments, so customers can monitor, take care of, and enhance their Deliverability. Additionally, Bouncer features a huge integrations library (top Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, or Sales tools).

1. High precision with a bias against false negatives – to prevent clients from becoming disconnected due to an incorrect classification

2. The ability to verify email addresses hosted by several email service providers, including thorough catch-all Google Workspace and Office365 verification, with a low percentage of unknown results (0,3-3%).

3. High performance, rapid rate-limiting, and quick verification. They can rapidly process 200,000 emails per customer per hour.

4. SOC2 ready and reliable (zero downtime policy
5. Complexity streamlined – excellent technological solution with a clear and simple user interface.

4- Pabbly Email Marketing:

Pabbly email verification is also at the top list of Email Verification Services due to its real outcomes. It spends time verifying each and every mail and then returns its outcomes that are real. In its real outcomes, it ensures that all unreliable, erroneous, or incorrect email addresses are eliminated. With a 97% deliverability rate and a 10% bounce rate reduction, Pabbly Email Verification is the best option.

Additionally, you can integrate this email verification service with your current website or program by using its API key.

5- XVerify

From all the Email Verification Services, one more important is XVerify, a dependable business for all your email verification requirements, which decreases fraud, lessens spam complaints, and eliminates hard bounces in milliseconds. The service has 98% accuracy rate and can operate in real-time or via batch processing. Anyone who wants to cope up with ever growing competition in marketing around the globe must try email marketing.

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