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Elon Musk’s released an incredible video

Elon Musk's
Elon Musk's monkey

Elon Musk’s released an incredible video of a monkey playing video games with its Brain.

He is a very well-known personality in the information technology sector. A very intellectual engineer, designer, and business magnet personality. At the age of 17, he went into the US as a transfer student. After the struggle of many years. He became a very intellectual engineer in the field of science and technology. Elon Musk owns a 21% share in Tesla that is working to revolutionize transportation on earth. In 2018, he stepped down as a chairman in Tesla. When he prompted a false statement about privatization tesla. He was criticized at that time, but now the company is worth $74 billion after funding in 2021.


Musk formed a company named Neuralink. With his team, he developed artificial intelligence motorized microchips. These chips fit into the brains of people and read their behavior. Recently Musk released a video of the Monkey who is playing video games. As well as He talked about testing his innovative microchips on archbishops. Elon Musk said this is the first time his company broadcast testing on animals. During the presentation in 2019. He said his company enabled a monkey to control Computer through his brain. This is a huge achievement and proud moment for Neuralink’s according to musk.


In 2020 the company displayed the latest technology through a monster named Gertrude.
In the video, the monkey was given a joystick, and he was playing a video game. As In a video game, he was moving the cursor between colored squares. He was successfully and easily able to play the game. It was seemed to be very interested in him. That monkey named Pager when play games the microchip reads his brain by the movement of the cursor. After some while Musk removed the joystick but still monkey was playing the game in the same pattern. This was done through the microchip, that was generating singles in his brain. This helped him to play the game continuously without any disruption.


The same technology could be used to give people control over their limbs. Elon Musk’s reported that Neuralink products will allow paralyzed people to use smartphones. Professor Andrew reported that this is not a new thing. The same thing has done before in 2002. But this technological test is a new achievement. He said that Musk is following a very reasonable and valid way to validate their device. And Elon Musk also reported that if this technology continues to grow it. As well as it will open up new doors of technological achievements.

What makes Neuralink product innovative?

The innovation is there is no bunch of cables associated with the body. The signals generated by the brain is all sent wirelessly. This was reported by Jackson. Moreover, it is safer and causes no harm to the human body or brain cells. This is not new but a positive step forward in technology. Another researcher put forward his point of view regarding the presentation. Rylie green being a bioengineer at an imperial college London reported. That he was impressed by the way Pager was freely moving. He highly acknowledged Musk’s efforts in the field of technology.

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