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Data visualization

Data visualization is a graphical demonstration of data and information. It depicts different trends that occur in data. It has different tools to see trends, an outlier in data. As well as different patterns of data. In the world, with the advancements in technology. Also Data visualization is necessary to analyze a large amount of data. It also enables the firm to make decisions based on generated results from a data-driven approach.

Pros and Cons of data visualization:

Colors and patterns are always eye-catching. We can easily differentiate between different colors and shapes. For instance, we can easily differentiate yellow and blue, triangle and square shape.
Human eyes are always attracted to colors. In the global world due to advancements in technology the culture is continually evolving. 10 years back consumers were more inclined towards black and white newspapers. But now culture has been changed. As well as Consumers prefer everything from art to ad’s to be visual.

Recently Data visualization is the way to keep the reader’s eyes on the particular message. It is used to grasp the attention of the consumer. Consumers have less time to spend reading. They do not prefer to read the whole written doc. Because it’s taking too much of their valuable time. Instead, whenever they see a chart they can easily identify data trends from the shapes of data. This is more convenient.

Data visualization is a form of visual art. It aims at grabbing the attention of a huge audience. And keeping the eyes of people on a specific message. As well as One can easily recognize changing trends in data and can forecasts decisions.

The age of Big data is here

As it is the age of big data, visualization is becoming a necessary tool to make sense of billions. And trillions of data that are being generated every day. Data visualization helps to tell stories by curating data into a form easier to understand. As well as highlighting the trends and outliers. Visualization tells a good and clear story by removing noise from data. A good visualization tells a story, removing the noise. And give limelight to useful information.

Though it is not an easy task to make graphs of data or to just keep the viewers. As well as attention to the informative part of an infographic. Visualization is a process of maintaining the balance between function and form. You need to manage that the graph would not be too boring. And it should depict a clear image of data. The data and visuals should be combined in a way of storytelling.

Importance of data visualization for a career:

If you would ask five executives about the importance of visualization. You will hardly get one person who thinks data visualization is not worthy. Every department in any sector needs understandable data for working. And making decisions. We all know the emerging concept of the citizen data scientist is getting a lot of attention. Companies are moving towards changing their skills set to adopt a data-driven approach. They think that it will surely help them to make better decisions. So the modern professional world knows the real value of data visualization.

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