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Coronavirus vaccine budget approved by Cabinet


Asad Umar (chief of the national commands and operations center) on Sunday reported that the budget for the purchase of coronavirus vaccines had been approved by the cabinet is $150 million. This budget is expected to increase shortly. Amir Ashraf Khawaja, secretary of the National Health Service, reported that the government was not thinking about the purchase of covid-vaccines this year. While talking to geo news on the platform of “Naya Pakistan”. The Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives dismissed the belief that Pakistan had not planned to purchase vaccines.

Asad Umar talked about their vaccination plan for the public. He said that in line with other countries. Pakistan does not plan to vaccinate youngsters under the age of 18 years. Because they have a strong immune system. They are capable of fighting against Covid in comparison to old people. He told that the government had made aggressive policies to get people vaccinated. He also mentioned that the third tendency of the covid is real. And is more lethal as compared to previous ones. Moreover, its mortality rate is so high. The third wave of covid is spreading more quickly. For the very first time on Sunday, in the Punjab province, 1600 covid cases have been reported since June 2020.  He also told geo news that above the age of 350,000 people had been vaccinated. Moreover, in the coming 10 days registration for vaccination would be open.

Stereotypes about vaccine

The anchor of Naya Pakistan told Asad Umar that there are certain stereotypes about vaccines. People are worried about the side effects of the vaccine. He asked Asad Umar to tell people whether there are some harmful effects of vaccination or not?  In response to the following question, Asad Umar said that there are no such side effects of the vaccine. He said that till now there was not even a single case had been conveyed in this perspective.

He also requested the public that those who are at the age of 60 or above should register their names for vaccination. Because there is a greater probability they will be infected by covid. With the increase in age, the immune system of people gets weaker. Asad Umar also reported that the government has signed a contract with two companies for a vaccine of 30 million. In the same way, the budget that has been allotted for the purchase of vaccines will be increased if required. On the safe side, Asad Umar also said that the process of procurement may be stopped due to monetary considerations.

10 Million People

Pakistan has over 10 million older people. Pakistan is one of those top 15 countries with over 14 million old age people near 60. Only 10% of people have registered themselves for vaccination. The rate of positive cases of covid has been climbing to 6.6%. It means 2644 covid positive cases in a single day. So Asad Umar requested people to get vaccinated at least those who are above 60 years.

Asad Umar also talked about “Aurat March” in opposition. He said that in March they have completely ignored SOP’s which is not good. It’s like the killing of innocent people for no reason.