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China is pulling Google to stay ahead in the race of Quantum Computing

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China has set a recent world record for the most impressive Quantum computer stock. Chinese scientists have accomplished another milestone in the field of science and technology for complex computations.

This time China has broken the world record of most powerful quantum computers with a 56-qubit quantum computer.

Quantum computing is a key to process calculations fast. Quantum computing is continuously aiming at improving the processing speed and power of a computer. It stimulates large systems and drives advanced calculations in distinct fields of science. Chinese firms are battling again US large corporations like Google to stay ahead in the race of science and advancements. Correspondingly, recently china in quantum computing has made another provision by presenting quantum processors.

Chinese researchers demonstrated that they have devised the most powerful computer of the age. The supercomputer called Zuchongzhi has a super-advanced 66- qubit quantum. While during testing the researchers have used only 55 of those 66-qubit Quantum computer stock. The performance of Zuchongzhi undoubtedly turned out striking.

It has completed the designated quantum benchmark task in 70 minutes. The researchers claim that the world’s classical (non-quantum) supercomputer finished the same task around eight years to get these calculations.

In 2009, Google claims that they have introduced quantum computing with the classical (non-quantum) supercomputer. At that time, Google asserts that the machine can perform complex computations in just 200 seconds.

It was a 54-qubit processor. In comparison to a normal computer, Google says that it can take 10,000 years to complete the same task. But with the evolutions in technology, the record was broken by Honeywell and a Chinese team. In 2020 a Chinese team after years of research developed Quantum computer.

China in quantum computing has created a system that was capable to perform the same task a hundred and trillion times, which is faster than Google’s created prototype.

They used superconducting material on chips and have a resemblance to classical computers. On the other hand, the Chinese use optical circuits to perform calculations. But the exception lies, it was built to solve only one type of problem. This problem is solved by the Chinese by introducing a new Quantum computing processor in Quantum computer stock.

The speed and accuracy are just amazing. It has completed the complex computations and task in just 70 minutes as compared to 8 years of Google sycamore. The task was thousands of times harder than the one completed by google sycamore. This is something beyond amazing. This breakthrough point represents the massive advantage of quantum supercomputing.

Undoubtedly, China has always surprised the world with its advancements in technology.


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