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Technology boot camp
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In the current era of social media, digitalization, and technology, having skill in hand is as
important as degrees are considered to some extent. However, the educational system of Pakistan
has strange likings when it comes to education and teaching methods.
After spending huge money and expenditure on degrees from top institutions, students still lack
skills and knowledge in the arena of IT.
The institutions just give lectures on getting good marks and degrees which become the reason
for the lack of development in IT in Pakistan.
The institutions, universities, schools, and several learning platforms highlight degrees
without skills and training. The patterns are equal to destroying the future of Pakistani
youth since the marks and degree are not enough to stand in the era where trends and
technology change at the speed of light.
The degree myth is the reason why Pakistan is lagging in the vast arena of Information and
technology from the other states.
Enabling Systems being a leading light in information and technology is starting the initiative of
a boot camp for talented Pakistani Youth where young graduates would be given the skills and
training of cutting-edge technologies which are extremely needed in the industry like React
Native, JavaScript, Artificial Intelligence, digital marketing For Free.
The training and amazing skills would be delivered FOR FREE with the great thinking of
rising Pakistani in the field of Information and technology that would not only rise
Pakistan but also elevate the economy of the state.
IT sector is all about skills.
Our Nation needs the bright and skilled people in the IT Industry to come across with the
responsibilities of the Future to hold a place in the world.
A degree with professional training is going one step further towards the future.

Information technology (IT) boot camp by Enabling Systems is a demanding and instant
training program in information technology arenas. The boot camps will offer teaching on
a well-known collection of computer programming languages, ideas, and skill groups for
instance HTML, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and Ruby for free.
The initiative would be great career support for graduates.
As Technology changes fast, and advancements do not stop for stereotypes and outdated 4-year
degrees without skill and professionalism that is required to sustain in the world of digitalization.
Boot camps are short-term training meetings scheduled to arrange students for the real-
world truth of development. In Pakistan, Tech lacks good skills because the teaching
institutions are just providing degrees and not skill training.
Our Boot camp offers numerous ways to learn the important skills that are the need in the fast-
moving technological world.
The boot camp will offer commitment with time for everyone to make the youth of Pakistan

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