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Android users can't bargain audible books in-app after google policy update's

Companies Pressurizing Google play store app purchases policy:

Many companies and regulations tried to pressurize Google and Apple to change their in-app store commission structure. It has been more than two years that they are trying to put pressure on google play and app store. Approximately in the previous month, news was emerged that Google has decided to behave nicely. Later on, the company comes up with an announcement of a pilot program. The program along with Spotify allows google to collect payments outer surface Google’s building. The pilot framework was designed to roll out in selected areas which will allow developers to circumvent Google’s payments in audible books. It was decided that, if things will go as per planner called “user building choice” named by Google will sooner available to developers around the globe.

Taxation over google play store apps:

As per google play policy change, all intangible merchandises like smart home devices, music, game credits, books, etc. which are being purchased on iPhone must be charged via Apple play store payment. It includes a 30% fee to Apple. While keeping the situation, Audible has decided to make their audiobook contents unavailable for purchase directly on iPhone because of deduction in their profit margins.

Amazon-owned audible and Barnes & Nobel not part of Pilot:

Amazon owned audible and Barnes & Nobel these two companies who are not part of pilot are seemed to be surprised because Spotify is not treating them the same way. The google play policies become effective from March 31st which requires the purchase to make through google play’s billing systems.  And those two companies who are not part of pilot were aware with the changes 18 months ago and they have been wedged flat-footed. Now, it is clear that android user’s cannot buy Amazon audible and Brane’s & Nobel digital goods from those particular apps audible books.

Not given the option of participating in an alternative billing program:

While explaining the billing method, Brane’s & Noble told that, it was simply “not given the option of participating in an alternative billing program.” Protocol tried to contact these two companies but none of them responded back with any comment.  Even if you are android user of these two companies, do not get panic because of the updates in billing system that users cannot buy e-books directly via app.

Android users can still make purchase:

Though android users can still buy books from BN.com, which will be synced to their NOOK app library, as per the statement of Barnes & Noble website. If users have not updated their device to the latest version, 6.1 they can still buy books through the app. Audible listeners are in the same situation but they can purchase titles form Audible.com and can synchronize those titles to their own devices. They can also use in-app credits to make purchases for e-books and also can continue to purchase without upgrading the app.

App store tax battle:

While moving towards conclusion, it is not clear when google will allow companies to offer third party billing options because the app store tax battle is far from over. Also how long Barnes & Noble AN Audible will take to accept Google’s policies is also unclear at the moment.

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