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5 ways technology has improved human life

5 ways technology has improved human life
5 ways technology has improved human life

Technology has taken over more or less every aspect of our lives. From how we eat, to how we communicate. And even who we vote for, it is all affected by the way technology has intercepted our lives. And despite the common perception of technology being a harmful force. That is diminishing human capabilities once step at a time, there are many ways that technology has improved human life.


Technology has so far affected the way people communicate more than any other aspect of human life. And Communication and especially the speed at which communication occurs has significantly increased. With cell phones accompanying us through all walks of life. It is increasingly possible for people to connect with people from around the world in a matter of seconds. Gone are the days of writing letters and waiting for weeks for them to reach the recipients around the world. Now you can video call a person anywhere in the world and talk to them face to face.

The era of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have made it even easier for people to connect despite geographical boundaries. Social networking is connecting to people via social media platforms is a new age phenomenon that reigns over the lives of everyone.


Growing up in the year 2020 is much different than growing up in 2010 and the year 2000. The difference is mainly because of the technological advancements and how it has affected the lives of everyone.

Kids nowadays are exposed to gadgets and technology early on. From schools of the future and PowerPoint presentations replacing classrooms to an increased awareness of social issues such as gender inequality, and many other global movements. Children nowadays have more exposure and that means that growing up has significantly changed over the years and one could argue that this has been a positive influence as far as the quality of education has since improved.

Health & wellness

Technology often gets a bad rep for being harmful and forcing people to indulge in unhealthy habits such as sitting in front of a screen all day. But really, it is all about what we do with the gadgets and the internet that matters.

With the help of technology, health and wellness have improved increasingly. With the help of fitness trackers and wellness apps, there’s a greater opportunity for people to get in touch with fitness resources and interests. People can work on their health without having to leave their houses. People can also track their fitness journeys which makes them feel much more motivated and focused on their health.


Technology may have completely changed the meaning of Productivity. In the age of the internet and the increased dialogue about mental health, productivity no longer means doing the most with the least amount of resources. It means doing the best you can and intentionally. Productivity is seen more and more as this state of creativity and focus achieved by doing one thing at a time and to the fullest. Technology and the internet may be responsible for distracting us but it has also taken human efficiency and productivity to the next level. From turning off lights when we go to bed to checking on which route to work will we experience the most traffic, technology has helped automate everything.


Technology has made it possible for more and more people to break away from the corporate mold and become business owners with the smallest investments and the internet full of business lessons, resources, and experiences. In the digital age, there is a place for every skill to be honed and turned into a business.

Whether you are a great writer or a great cook, there’s a way for you to start a business and start making money from home. The digital age has made it possible for everyone to become their boss.

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