Application Programming Interface For Web


What are API and web API? Application Programming Interface For Web, or API, is a shorthand for that. Basically, a software interface that let two apps communicate with one another without the need for a user to get involved. No need to understand how they are implemented. APIs allow a product or service to communicate… Continue reading Application Programming Interface For Web

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence vs machine learning has been the center of attention in the current era. Many companies are evolving with AI and machine learning side by side. Basically, it is the area of computer science that is connected to artificial intelligence and machine learning. These two technologies are the most popular ones utilized to build… Continue reading Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning

What is a perturbation?

What is perturbation? It is a type of privacy-preserving in data mining data perturbation (EHR). Privacy is a crucial element in shared data for knowledge-based applications. Meanwhile, when sensitive information is transferred from one device to another, it creates problems. For data mining, sensitive data must contain privacy. Machine learning ai is also playing its… Continue reading What is a perturbation?