Is your company ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

The global men are undergoing an enormous technological shift of the industrial revolution inventions as dubbed the “fourth Industrial Revolution” by several. In step with a recent World Economic Forum report, nearly a third of the foremost necessary talent sets in 2025 are going to be created from technology skills that aren’t presently thought-about essential… Continue reading Is your company ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

A great place to work

In the contemporary world, the job market is flourishing. Job seekers now have more employment possibilities than they have likely ever had before in their lives. Workplace culture is a defining element for employee performance and pleasure, not just in attracting the ideal people for new roles, but also in retaining your valued employees. The… Continue reading A great place to work

Boot Camp

Hands of young contemporary software developer of African ethnicity touching keys of laptop keypad while working over new program

In the current era of social media, digitalization, and technology, having skill in hand is asimportant as degrees are considered to some extent. However, the educational system of Pakistanhas strange likings when it comes to education and teaching methods.After spending huge money and expenditure on degrees from top institutions, students still lackskills and knowledge in… Continue reading Boot Camp